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In 2017, the company announced several rounds of closures totaling more than 400- locations, leaving it with about 1,000 after the holiday shopping season.

The future at Sears is more doubtful than ever as sales continue to plunge despite the company's attempts to stabilize the business.

The world beyond Sears After years of refusing to allow its top brands to be sold outside of its Sears and Kmart ecosystem, Sears Holdings Chairman and CEO Eddie Lampert finally relented this year and made deals to expand the universe of where consumers may find them.

In addition to the agreements with Amazon, separate deals were made with manufacturers and distributors Cleva North America and Dorcy earlier this year to make and distribute Kenmore appliances and Die Hard batteries to retailers around the world.

He risks undermining whatever potential success they may engender by making them also available at Amazon.

It is true that Lampert coming around to innovative sales and marketing tactics is a welcome change from his intransigence in years past, but because Sears has fallen into such a state of disrepair, it's doubtful this change of heart can amount to much.

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